Steven in 33 seconds

I was given the name Steven on 5 April 1989. I have voyaged already thirty laps around the sun on this planet earth, and I hope to have many more, although every lap can be my last.

Besides making the 20angles podcast, I also do bioinformatics and artificial intelligence work.

I certainly have enough interests. I love quickly absorbing new information about something interesting, and then switching to something else. I read a lot of books, you can find my reading list here

I am not a big fan of continuous craving for happiness, and discomfort is part of life. However if I can find "meaning", whatever that might be, it is a big motivator for me to do something.

I love to travel, often with a bike, and sometimes but myself in uncomfortable situations (I wrote an article about this in Dutch, which you can find here).

That's it.

What have I been up to the last months?
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